What is Google’s Pre-Industrial Society?

what is google Preindustrial society innovation

What is Google’s concept of a “pre-industrial society”? If you’ve ever wondered what a “pre-industrial society” is, read on. A post-industrial society is characterized by high levels of service, with little emphasis on manufacturing. This is a huge contrast from the industrialized world, where manufacturing is the mainstay of the economy. But the question isn’t “is the future pre-industrial”-it’s “willing to evolve”–that is, if it wants to survive.

The Industrial Revolution ushered in the 21st century, changing societies around the world. It was first witnessed in Great Britain, where people migrated from predominantly agricultural lifestyles into more urbanized ones. While the lower classes struggled in this society, the upper classes enjoyed life in luxury. The pre-industrial family was a unit of labor that consisted of husband, wife, and children, and possibly domestic servants or male apprentices. The division of labor was based on gender and most families were patriarchal.

In the post-industrial world, the service sector dominates the manufacturing sector. As a result, economic historians have become less interested in studying the pre-industrial period. Instead, they are interested in how institutions affect economic growth and the way business transactions are organized. This shift in society is important because it affects our daily lives, as global networking and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs has changed the way we live. The implications for us today are profound, as we have become more reliant on technology to get things done.