What is Google’s Next Step in the Energy Industry?

what is google Energy industry innovation

What is Google’s next step in the energy industry? The search giant is building an intelligent computing platform that can analyze and make energy buying decisions. Google is also implementing a new Platinum Level for corporate institutional power purchases. The company has created an algorithm that aligns operations with renewable energy assets, like wind power. It has also used machine learning to optimize wind energy assets. It also plans to purchase additional generation. These innovations will help Google cut its carbon footprint and keep costs down.

The company has also publicly announced a series of wind and solar projects in recent years. One of these, a 10-megawatt solar project in Taiwan, may seem inconsequential, but it’s significant for the future of the energy industry. The goal is to reduce emissions and help the planet by reducing costs while enabling higher penetration of distributed generation. Google’s energy goals are far more ambitious than their competitors, but the company is determined to meet them.

The tech giant is committed to helping the energy industry transition from fossil fuels to renewables. It’s invested more than $1 billion in renewable energy projects, and it’s already procuring enough renewable energy to offset its carbon emissions. Its levelized cost of renewable energy is competitive with the cost of building a new coal plant. Further, the company wants to use its cloud to help energy companies better serve their customers. This is a win-win situation for both companies and consumers.