What is Google Industrial Processes?

what is google Industrial processes innovation

There are few organizations with as much infrastructure as Google and the requisite resources to roll out innovative ideas as quickly as Google. Their purposeful design allows them to rapidly roll out new products and services. One recent example is Google’s Finance team, which combined components from different Google infrastructures to create the new product. These reusable components can then be baked into enterprise infrastructures and extended enterprise users. This method allows organizations to roll out new products and services without requiring a large upfront investment.

Google’s decision-making process is based on a concept called “10x thinking.” The concept states that true innovation occurs when a product or service improves ten times, or a process by 10 percent. Google’s ambidextrous organization makes it easy to balance both innovation and production. Its culture fosters a constant expectation of external change. Innovative ideas are more likely to succeed when everyone feels like contributing to a product.

In this approach, the team focuses on building multiple useful offerings and letting the market decide which ones work the best. Its 132 million users are a massive test bed, and they have a long history of innovation that proves this method works. Google also emphasizes usability and usefulness before attempting to reach ubiquity. While this process may be more difficult than it sounds, it does produce results. By combining a process that focuses on usability and usefulness, Google has become one of the world’s most innovative companies.