What is Google Industrial and Production Engineering? Innovation

what is google Industrial and production engineering innovation

What does Google’s strategy behind innovation look like? To answer that question, let’s look at the company’s organizational structure. Several aspects are easily transferable to a company’s innovation strategy. One of the first things to consider is the way Google engineers use their time. In a recent six-month period, they invested 20% of their time developing new products and features. In other words, they developed half of their products with that 20% of time.

Another way to distinguish Google’s approach to innovation is how they treat their employees. The company is renowned for treating its employees as their most important asset. To make this clear, Google has jam-packed offices that encourage collaboration. Employees are also given opportunities to come up with their own product or feature. This approach attracts top-quality employees and creates an enormous volume of new ideas. Google’s innovative approach has even been the subject of a recent New York Times article exploring its perceived assault on Microsoft’s hegemony over business software applications.

To make its infrastructure even more effective for product development, Google has built a unique relationship with its customers. Google customers become an integral part of the development team. They transition from using products to testing new products in real-world environments. A product is not ready for launch without testing it, and Google hosts its applications on its own infrastructure. The customer experience is the key to ensuring its success. In the meantime, Google’s product development team can focus on other important aspects of product development.