The Bottega Verde E-Commerce Web Site

Ecommerce Bottega Verde web site

If you’ve been looking to purchase beauty products online, you’ve probably noticed the Bottega Verde E-commerce web site. This Italian cosmetics company, which has been in business for over 40 years, specializes in all-natural ingredients. They have chosen to become a cruelty-free company, meaning that none of their products are tested on animals. Moreover, the company’s mission is to promote the idea of cruelty-free living, and is a proponent of the Cruelty Free movement.

The company recently launched a line of natural body care products, which include massage effects and natural scents. The packaging of Bottega Verde products is a reflection of its values. It also acts as a medium of communication. The company selected Giflor caps for its bottles, which feature tight-closing systems that prevent accidental openings and product leakage. Besides that, it also features an easy-to-read, high-quality design.