Why Do Men Masturbate?

why do men masturbate

Why do men masturbate? This question has fascinated many women and men for decades. It is one of the few times when a woman is completely astonished by a man’s sexuality. And yet, there is no one answer for the question. There are a number of reasons for this behavior. This article focuses on a few of the most common ones. It may surprise you to learn that men aren’t as shy about masturbating as you think.

Historically, men’s penis has been stimulated continuously from birth. At 18 years old, men reach sexual climax while women only reach it at thirty. Puberty triggers an overabundance of testosterone in men. An average teen has more than 20 erections a day. Men have up to five times more testosterone than women do. While the reasoning behind masturbation may be a mystery to women, it is clear that a man’s sexual desire is a psychological issue. Despite this, masturbation is not a bad thing.

Masturbation is also a way for men to reduce stress and relax. The release of endorphins during masturbation can reduce blood pressure and release tension related to stress. Masturbation is a more natural way to release stress, and it is a far healthier alternative than alcohol. Nevertheless, you may be able to find any number of reasons to masturbate. They’re all important!