What is Google Grocery? Innovation aims to Bring Grocery Shopping to the Cloud

what is google Grocery innovation

What is Google Grocery? This innovation aims to bring grocery shopping to the cloud. It combines the reach of the Boise, Idaho-based grocer with the retail know-how of the tech giant. It also aims to improve customer service by using machine-learning algorithms to predict what a customer will want to buy next. To help customers make informed decisions, Google has partnered with several major retailers.

Among its many features, Google and Albertsons have announced that they are developing omnichannel customer experiences that make grocery shopping easier. Google Business Messages and predictive shopping carts are just some of the ways the companies are working together. Other innovations include integration of Google Search and Maps, and the ability to pay with Google Pay. The companies say the partnership will provide the world’s most predictive grocery engine. To help people make the best decisions, Google has partnered with the Albertsons Companies and Walmart to develop the new grocery app.

As an example, Amazon Alexa makes it easier to shop at Whole Foods through the US-based retail giant. The same is true for French supermarket chain Carrefour. Google smart speakers and mobile devices connect customers with the supermarket. The customer can say what they want to purchase, and Google will automatically assemble the grocery order for them. Customers can even order specific items, based on voice and artificial intelligence. Once they’ve made their selections, they can choose whether to pick up their purchases at the store or have them delivered to their door.