What is Google Cloud and Edge Computing Innovation?

what is google Cloud and edge computing innovation

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between Google Cloud and edge computing is, you’re in luck. Google is introducing Edge Computing, a new innovation that uses the power of the edge to process data closer to users. The concept of edge computing is simply the use of digital devices to collect and transmit data in real time, and then later transmit that data to a central repository. Google is collaborating with solutions providers, independent software vendors, and other technology companies to develop edge computing applications for businesses and consumers.

Edge computing solutions are designed to help companies reduce latency by running applications closer to the users. Google Cloud will use edge computing technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to enable businesses to implement edge computing solutions. Edge computing solutions are powered by AT&T’s network, allowing businesses to move infrastructure closer to their end users, thereby reducing latency. Edge computing solutions will be able to scale telehealth-based therapy, VR, and other business solutions.

In addition to edge computing, Google Cloud and Verizon are collaborating on a 5G mobile edge compute service. In a recent webinar, Abella, a Bell Labs veteran and a member of the Women in Technology Hall of Fame, discussed how IoT and Google Cloud can work together. She emphasized that partnering with communication service providers is a key part of this transformation and a way for these companies to drive innovation and drive business success.