Alza Web Site is the largest e-commerce web site in the Czech Republic, and is the 22nd largest e-commerce site worldwide. The site offers over 50,000 products from a wide variety of brands and categories, including consumer electronics, toys, media, appliances, health and beauty products, and more. It is owned by a group of investors, who control the web site through its holding company LS Investments Limited. Its management is led by founder Ale s Zavoral, who has received numerous awards for the web site.

After the Brexit vote, Alza’s UK expansion was delayed, but the company had long been planning to enter the market. Though Brexit has affected the company’s plans, executives say that the timing is right. Alza first appeared in the IREU Top500 Mobile & Crosschannel Performance Dimension Report. It has since expanded its operations to other European markets. It has also sold Tesla cars and allowed customers to pay with Bitcoins. It supports more than 80 NGOs.