What is Google Value? Innovation

When it comes to innovation, the secret sauce to a Google business is its people. Google values creativity and collaboration. They encourage their employees to break from the status quo and take risks. This type of risk-taking is crucial to innovation because fear of repercussions can keep employees from trying something new. Employees also benefit from collaboration because it leads to bonds and shared experiences, and it boosts diversity of thought. Innovation can’t be forced, however.

While a few companies are more nimble and experimental than others, Google’s approach is more systematic and deliberate. It values user feedback and iterative progress, and pushes out products and services early. It also listens to user feedback to develop better versions. This approach is similar to that of Toyota and GM in the 1920s, two of the most innovative companies of the time. While Facebook has recently abandoned its “move fast and break things” credo, Google focuses on incorporating feedback into its product or service before it hits the market.

A Google employee once argued that the company had a moral obligation to help users. That’s why the company encourages employees to innovate in all parts of the business. One doctor on the staff at Google argued that the company’s services should help people in need. The company has a simple but powerful ethos that helps it succeed. The company’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. This commitment gives its people an excellent reason to wake up each day.