Google’s Transhumanism Initiative

While the company’s transhumans initiative may lack scientific evidence, the program’s commitment to the idea is impressive. Google recently acquired Boston Dynamics, a company that specializes in robots. As the world’s leading innovator in AI, Google is well-positioned to help researchers develop new technologies. However, the company must tread carefully in its transhumans efforts, as the movement is still quite new and not profitable yet.

While Google isn’t yet a full-fledged transhumanist, they are making a big investment in the Singularity. The company recently acquired Boston Dynamics, a leading partner in the DARPA-funded Human Cognome Project. The company creates humanoid robots that combine deep AI with vision and pattern recognition. They can be controlled through Google devices. Ultimately, Google plans to become a leader in this technology.

The technology is not scientifically sound and is highly controversial. The US military has even announced plans to create robot soldiers and cyborgs. While Google’s experiments are still a way off, the company’s message is clearly dehumanizing and a disservice to the human race. These experiments threaten the lives of the experimented subjects. They can be damaging to their health, privacy, and honor.

But if transhuman technologies improve human health and extend our life span, they will be beneficial for all aspects of human society. Better access to medical care is a big factor in healthy life expectancy. Research into improving healthspan extends life expectancy. Research on amplifying intelligence is likely to be useful for ordinary health care and education. Improved communication will also allow us to better understand and trade with other people. Those developments will also make totalitarian regimes obsolete and the human race a more attractive place to live.

For a glimpse of how the transhumanist movement is shaping our world, consider this study by Frost & Sullivan. While many people are skeptical of the idea, it’s important to understand the implications for human health. Google has a long-term goal in mind and the implications for businesses are enormous. Besides the study of how transhumanist experiments could transform human health, it also aims to connect leaders in transhumanism.

Transhumanism raises new constraints and opportunities and highlights leverage points for intervention. Even small amounts of resources can make a large difference in the long-term. For example, if a small percentage of our population becomes transhuman, it’s important to protect the planet against the threat of nuclear war. But, at the same time, transhumanism poses a new challenge: peace between different orders of capability. It also raises the fear of dangerous arms races and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.