What is Google WEAS Aquacorp Water Scacity Innovation?

what is google WEAS Aquacorp WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

You may be wondering, what is Google WEAS Aquacorp Water Scacity Innovation? If you are interested in water purification, you have come to the right place. It is a European government initiative to create new technologies to help communities fight water scarcity. This program has been running since 2005 and has created 500 jobs. Its main goal is to combat water scarcity by challenging companies to find innovative solutions for water supply problems. In order to get the most creative ideas, Innowise has selected three startup companies.

While expensive technologies can achieve high-level purification, they are not appropriate for remote settings like disaster-hit areas with limited electricity or access. Instead of trying to solve a complicated engineering problem by using a simple mechanical device, researchers worked backwards to solve the problem of water purification. The researchers analyzed the design problem by removing precision requirements, which led to an improved throughput. The engineering process evolved from a crude set-up into a highly efficient device.

Nanoengineered materials are another promising area of water innovation. These materials can be used for point-of-use devices, decentralized treatment systems, and even highly-degradable contaminants. Nanoparticles can also eliminate harmful microbes in water. These technologies may even help save lives. For now, they are still a few years away from widespread adoption, but they already hold promise for the future of water treatment.