What is Google End? Innovation?

what is google End innovation

What is Google End? innovation? Essentially, the question is what is Google doing to stay ahead of its competitors. Unlike the other search engines, Google has a massive platform and a dominant search technology, and other companies can emulate this model by providing a platform to partners and becoming a hub for exchanges. Take the example of Li & Fung, a company founded in Guangzhou, China in 1906. In recent years, it has become less of a trading company and instead has orchestrated end-to-end supply chains.

While the internet is the main source of Google’s revenue, the company’s enormous size raises some interesting questions. For instance, how can one effectively regulate such a large company? Does government need to create a new system to regulate tech monopolies? And what if Google ends up being too big to be regulated? Does it still belong in Silicon Valley? What is the end result of all these investments? The answer may surprise you.

A recent New York Times article explored Google’s alleged assault on Microsoft’s hegemony in business software applications. One doctor on Google’s staff argued that the company had a moral duty to provide assistance to users. The article suggests that Google has a far broader goal than online advertising. In contrast, a recent report by Sir Martin Sorrell (CEO of WPP Group) suggests that the company might be looking at a larger picture.