What is Google Audience? Innovation for Marketers

For marketers, what is Google Audience? innovation is a vital tool to reach their target market. The new features allow advertisers to identify which demographics are likely to make a purchase. Google’s algorithms analyze historical data from millions of users to identify the keywords and phrases most likely to drive conversions. Once an ad is published, it shows up in a drop-down menu to give advertisers an opportunity to see what worked and what didn’t.

Affinity audiences allow advertisers to segment audiences and target them accordingly. These audience groups are defined by demographic information and interests. For example, sports fans might see ads for sports t-shirts when they search for Manchester United. Another option is life events targeting. Google Ads will show ads to people likely to fit the selected criteria. This innovation is particularly beneficial for advertisers looking to reach new customers and retain existing customers. It can be useful for targeting a specific demographic by age, income, and other factors.

The collaboration between OpenText and Google will enable marketers to analyze data from multiple sources and systems for a holistic customer view. OpenText Experience CDP will break down silos and consolidate customer profiles from multiple sources into a single platform. Google audiences can also be imported into this platform, giving marketers a 360-degree view of their customer base. Google Audiences are a crucial part of this new innovation, but what makes it such an effective tool?