What is Coition?


Are you curious about the word coition? It is derived from the Latin roots coitio(n-) and coire, and was first used in the mid-16th century. Today, the word coition refers to sexual intercourse. The definition is broad, but it doesn’t mean that coitio is an improper sexual act. This word also has other definitions. There is an old, but still useful, French word: coitie.

The question of what constitutes an acceptable form of coitus has remained largely unanswered. The concept of coitus is rooted in religious, medical, and civil discourses. The practice of coitus has been linked to human reproduction in most societies, and a number of social, religious, and medical institutions have evolved to regulate and prevent it. The most commonly observed religious institutions, such as marriage and the removal of a pectoral cross, limit sexual intercourse to married people or those who have a close family member.

While coitus is primarily a means of reproduction, men and women engage in it for social, recreational, spiritual, and religious reasons. Nowadays, birth control is a regular consideration for sexually active individuals. Among its benefits, coitus is associated with male and female sexual pleasure. Moreover, coitus is endorsed in Tantric teachings. So, while coitus remains an essential element of human reproduction, the term should not be misconstrued as an attempt to avoid pregnancy or conceive.