What is the Google Opportunity?

You may be wondering, what is the Google Opportunity? This article answers that question. But first, what is Google? This search giant is known for providing innovative tools that help consumers find the information they want. Google is known to invest in Blue Ocean innovation, introducing products to new markets that have very few competitors. One example of Blue Ocean innovation is hiking, which Google captures through its mapping software and promotes to web users. Its innovative approach to advertising also benefits Google.

The company spends billions of dollars a year on research, funding more than 250 research projects each year. In addition, Google also invests in young companies via its GV arm. Google helps startups develop products using a five-day design sprint. This improvisational approach attracts top talent and creates a high volume of new ideas. Google’s recent attack on Microsoft’s hegemony in business software applications was explored in a recent article by the New York Times.