The E-Commerce Space.NK.apothecary Web Site Changes Payment Provider

Ecommerce SpaceNKapothecary web site

The E-commerce Space.NK.apothecary web site has recently changed payment provider. The company was seeking to improve its luxury customer experience and speed up its expansion in new regions. It needed a range of payment options and deep expertise in local markets. The change also required a platform that gave it visibility into customer transactions across regions. Now, Space NK can optimize its approach for each new market.

In order to make their online presence more appealing to consumers, Space NK has not done much marketing online. In fact, the first report on the company’s exit from the Chinese market came from the Chinese media, and most consumers had never heard of the brand. The official account on Twitter for the brand has only one post and 114 followers. However, the company has been operating in the Chinese market for over 2 years.