E-Commerce Graze Web Site

A multi-channel approach can increase customer engagement and generate additional revenue. Graze has been moving into this space and investing in mobile to enhance the customer experience. This allows consumers to purchase products from multiple points in one single purchase. Moreover, it allows them to order products without subscriptions. By offering an ever-increasing convenience, Graze is delivering a more personalised customer experience. Here are some of the tips to help you create your own multi-channel web site:

Graze has built a highly automated system to handle its logistics. Currently, the company has two distribution centers and two offices. It employs about 31 IT staff members. It uses the AWS platform to run its algorithms. These algorithms employ eleven different strategies and 300 million customer ratings to create an optimal ordering experience for its customers. The data is collected from over one million users per hour and this data is used to make the best recommendations.

As part of its marketing strategy, Graze uses email campaigns. These emails are short, to the point and contain jokes or messages that encourage customers to click. The e-mails contain a direct link to the customer’s account preferences section. As a result, subscribers are able to tailor their email communications to their specific tastes. E-commerce Graze web site