Can You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

can you be allergic to alcohol

Alcohol is a common allergen, but it is important to know that you may be allergic to just a small amount. People with a true allergy should avoid alcohol altogether. Even a few drops can cause a severe reaction. To find out if you are allergic to alcohol, read the ingredients label on foods and drinks. If you are allergic to barley, which is the primary ingredient in wine and beer, you might want to switch to another beverage.

Although true allergies to alcohol are rare, they can be severe and can lead to allergic reactions. Alcohol is not a food allergen, but rather a substance found naturally in the body. In many cases, people with allergies to alcohol will develop symptoms after consuming small amounts of wine, beer, or other beverages. While alcohol allergy symptoms usually subside once the alcohol ingredient is eliminated, they may experience temporary or permanent withdrawal symptoms.

While the symptoms of alcohol allergy can range from a sore throat to hives, the condition rarely results from ethanol itself. Instead, people who are allergic to alcohol are usually allergic to other components of alcohol. The ingredients of wine and beer include histamines, which can be toxic to the body. Some people may also experience digestive or immune system problems. It’s not uncommon to be allergic to other ingredients in alcoholic beverages, including grain or juniper.