Why is My Period Blood Brown?

You may wonder why is my period blood brown? Most women have an idea of what to expect during their periods, but what if your discharge is dark and brown? Brown blood and discharge is not always a cause for concern. Some women suffer from excessive bleeding or irregular periods, and in such cases, brown blood and discharge may be an indication of something more serious. Women should seek medical attention if they experience this unusual behavior.

There are a few causes for this unusual blood coloration. One possible cause is oxidation. When the blood is exposed to air, it breaks down, causing it to turn brown. The process is called oxidation, and iron can contribute to a woman’s blood color. Eating plenty of leafy greens and red meat may also help. However, if you don’t get enough iron, it may be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition in which the body produces too much testosterone.

Your period blood can be red or brown depending on the time of the month. Blood that is brown or red isn’t normally dangerous, but if you notice that your period is brown or red, you should visit a doctor to get tested. While some women may experience this strange symptom during their periods, it is usually not a reason to worry. It is the result of exposure to oxygen during your period. If the blood is too dark, however, it may be indicative of a medical problem that needs to be addressed.