Why Does He Do That?

why does he do that

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Why does he do that?” Then there are probably a hundred other reasons, too, which are probably just as important. No matter how you answer this question, it will likely help you improve your relationship. Here are some suggestions. Read the following articles, and you may get a new perspective. You may even be able to make changes in your relationship today! If you’re wondering, “Why does he do that?” you’ve come to the right place.

“Why Does He Do That?” is a great book for people in abusive relationships. Lundy Bancroft, a consultant on domestic abuse, spent decades working with abusive men, so she gained a lot of knowledge about their psychology and personality. Because we tend to misunderstand men who abuse, Why Does He Do That? addresses these issues with accurate information, and teaches women how to cope with an abusive partner.

If you are in a relationship with a man who abuses you, this book can help you identify the warning signs. It will teach you how to spot signs of abuse, the nature of abusive thinking, and ten different types of abusive personalities. It will even reveal myths about men and alcohol abuse, and teach you how to fix the problems in a safe way. Ultimately, it will help you get out of a relationship that has become too abusive for you.