What is the Brand Treehouse Foods?

You might be wondering, what is the brand Treehouse Foods? Well, TreeHouse was born when Dean Foods spun off their specialties business. This division later became Bay Valley Foods and is now a publicly traded company. Its CEO and founder is Sam Reed, who previously helped Keebler grow in the 90s. Reed’s leadership helped the company achieve success in the Private Label and Foodservice markets. Today, TreeHouse plays a pivotal role in the strategic growth plans of the company. Though the name changed, the company has been committed to quality and innovation.

The company operates in 29 product categories and has 40 manufacturing facilities in Italy and North America. The brand has a market cap of $2 billion and is expected to grow through acquisitions. The company has a history of organic food production, and the company has expanded its food-service division to include salad dressings, sauces, and baby foods. A private equity firm is the most likely buyer for TreeHouse, and it has the largest valuation of any specialty food company.

The company produces various types of foods, from bakery goods to beverage beverages to snack-type snacks. Its products are sold through various distribution channels, including retailers, foodservice distributors, and industrial customers. Its webpage contains the SEC registration details and lists of all documents filed by the company. Besides selling snack foods, TreeHouse Foods also produces beverages and nondairy powdered creamer. The company is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.