What is Google Transformative Technology?

Google has pushed deeper integration of hardware and software in their recent Pixel event. This event was the culmination of a yearlong effort to develop cutting-edge technology through software. The company echoed Steve Jobs’ mantra from Apple, with the goal of “making software as powerful as it is.”

Google’s definition of digital transformation is a process in which intelligence is integrated into every aspect of a company’s business. This does not necessarily mean that employees will be replaced by robots; it refers to adding intelligence to products, processes, and decisions. Google’s digital transformation has already been put to work amongst its execs, but it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way into everyday life.

Google Cloud provides AI and machine learning capabilities to help brands make better decisions and optimize media effectiveness. Using these solutions, Kraft Heinz is navigating changing challenges arising from pandemics, supply-chain pressures, and cost-pressures. The company also beat earnings estimates in Q4 and expects full-year organic sales growth to be in the low double-digits. In short, these technologies will make Google a valuable partner for companies like Kraft Heinz.

Beyond cloud computing, Google Cloud is about culture and business transformation. With a clean and modern cloud, Google helps companies scale their digital transformation with a variety of solutions. Google Cloud is the cleanest cloud in the world, and it helps businesses meet their most critical challenges. Its mission is to help organizations innovate through cutting-edge technology. Google’s transformative technology has created a new paradigm in business, and the results are far reaching.