What is Google Task?

Google Tasks is an integrated application that works in tandem with Gmail. By clicking on the apps bar, you can create a new task and keep track of its progress. It also allows you to track your progress with other projects. For example, if you have a project in mind, you can use Google Tasks to organize your project list. You can also create new tasks and assign them to other users, such as your teammates.

The app itself is incredibly simple. When you open Tasks, you’ll see a list of your tasks, with the completed ones listed below. If you’d like to create a new task, simply drag it onto the Tasks icon on your Gmail homepage. You can then choose to set a due date for the task. If you’re unsure, you can edit the task’s details later.

Google Tasks are split into two categories: sitting tasks and fieldwork. You can set reminders for yourself at any time using the app, and it’ll pop up in your right-hand corner when the time comes. Google Tasks, on the other hand, integrates with Google Calendar and provides more detailed information than a mere time and date. Google has yet to divulge the process for listing crowdfunded tasks on its website.

Another innovative feature of Google Tasks is its ability to add the content of emails to tasks. The “Add to Task” button on the left side of an email uses the subject of the email as its title and automatically adds a link back to the original email. Once a task is created, it can also have additional due dates, time and notes. This means that you can update your list at any time, from any device.