Water Scarcity Innovation

what is CAPTIVE SYSTEMS WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

The Water Scarcity Crisis has a lot of causes and solutions. As a result, there are countless initiatives being undertaken to recycle wastewater to supply safe drinking water to households. Innovative Water Technologies, for example, has deployed the SunSpring Hybrid in 30 countries. The system uses both solar and wind power to purify drinking water. It is designed to provide 20,000 litres per day for over ten years.

While there are many filter products that purify water, some of these products may not be cost-effective in developing countries. Consequently, they must be affordable in the context of the area and be backed by a credit mechanism. To make water safe for drinking, filters must block other routes of transmission, such as flies on food, and handwashing after toilet use.

The Desolenator is another water purification system. This machine combines solid fuel combustion, steam power generation, and an automated leakage prevention system to purify water. It is portable and has a life span of 20 years. In addition, Google is collaborating with the University of Illinois to develop a system that can measure the concentration of chlorine and dissolved oxygen in drinking water.

The Cross-KIC project is focused on finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in southern Europe. This project will involve thirty start-ups from across Europe. They will receive training and advice to help them develop their technologies. The project will conclude in a final competition in Spain. The start-ups selected for the program will receive an economic award.