Launching an E-Commerce Nike Web Site

Ecommerce Nike web site

While launching an E-commerce Nike web site is no small feat, it does require a lot of skill. While it may seem like a daunting task, it’s essential to be consistent in your product line to ensure a constant flow of new customers. Nike is a perfect example, with its line of maternity activewear – the first of its kind in the industry. According to Marshal Cohen, Chief Retail Industry Analyst at NPD Group, “New products are a constant source of growth.”

The Nike web site is an excellent example of a high-quality e-commerce website. Its clean, minimalist design allows visitors to focus on the most important aspects. They can quickly and easily filter through the various products, and even see how others rate each product. Even the logo and prices get less than 1% of attention. While these elements are important, Nike makes the menu easy to access and the color schemes more appealing to customers.

In establishing an E-commerce Nike web site, Nike has followed the same principles as other leading brands. For example, it chose Amazon as its selling platform rather than using the Seller Central platform. Amazon allows third-party companies to sell their products directly through their marketplace. This model enables Nike to control product listings, inventory, and pricing. The company also praised Donahoe’s experience in technology, global strategy, and digital commerce.