Why Was Cereal Invented?

why was cereal invented

Why was cereal invented? The cereal industry has long focused on selling sweet junk food to children. But today, children grow up and move on from the things they loved as a child. In fact, the cereal industry has become a monopoly with a small group of leading companies dominating the market. Here are some reasons. This article explores the origin of cereal and its marketing strategy. Also, we will discuss how cereal has come to be a part of our culture.

The original vision of cereal was to be plain. It was believed that sugar would improve the taste, but Kellogg held fast to his original vision of unsweetened flakes. He also believed that cereal was boring and killed sexual desire, so he decided to leave it plain. Today’s corn flakes are made with no added sugar. The story of cereal’s origins is fascinating and provides context for the history of food.

The invention of cereal traces its roots to the mid-late 1800s. A doctor named John Harvey Kellogg favored baths for medical treatment. This practice was known as “hydrotherapy” at the time. During this time, cereals were still considered health food. As a result, it grew in popularity. The invention of the cereal was not a simple one, however. Rather, it took years for other companies to follow suit, but a few notable exceptions have paved the way for today’s cereal industry.