Why is Suicide Illegal?

why is suicide illegal

Why is suicide illegal? There are many reasons why this act is illegal. Some laws are bad because they harm people, such as drug addicts. Others are bad because they criminalize mental illness. However, laws against suicide are counterproductive and impossible to enforce. Suicide is a choice, and the right to choose your own end is a human right, and the right to end your life is also a human one. A suicide is an emo scream for attention.

The law prohibits assisting or causing another person to commit suicide. The punishment is two to seven years of imprisonment for each count, and as long as seven years for each additional person. The law also punishes the person who tries to assist or induce a suicide. The penalties for both are steep, and if you have a criminal history, you could face jail time for the crime. But why is suicide illegal?

While it is not a crime, suicide creates an emotional toll. In addition to causing pain to the survivor, committing suicide causes intense mourning and trauma for family members. Even if the individual is a victim of mental illness, it is still wrong to force them to take their own lives. People who are suicidal can live full and productive lives after getting treatment, and we should be supporting them.