What is the Brand Marubeni?

what is the brand Marubeni

To answer the question, what is the brand Marubeni?, we must first understand the background of this Japanese brand. Its origins date back to 1872 when a young merchant, Chubei Itoh, set up a small store in Osaka. The store’s name is derived from the Japanese word beni, which means red. In 1883, this small store became the head office of the Itoh trading company.

Marubeni was also infamous during the Asian financial crisis, when it was accused of profiteering in rice and hoarding supplies in the Japanese black market. The scandal resulted in serious damage to Marubeni’s public image, and more than 40 municipalities canceled their contracts with the company. Eventually, Taiichiro Matsuo was named chairman and the company decided to drop its relationship with Lockheed. In the process, Marubeni instituted a new management structure and redistributed many of the president’s administrative responsibilities to a board of senior executives.

The newly established division will work closely with the existing 13 divisions. This synergistic approach will allow the Marubeni Group to adapt to changing social needs. The core philosophy of Marubeni is to anticipate social needs and provide solutions. This commitment to sustainable development is driven by enlightened self-interest and is a way of ensuring the brand remains competitive. The newly founded division will coordinate with existing divisions to help the Marubeni Group maintain its global leadership position in a radically changing world.