What is Google Town? Innovation in the City?

what is google Town innovation

What is Google Town? Innovation in the city? The young Canadian prime minister had a vision to build a second Silicon Valley. He talked to the leaders of Google about the idea. It was then that he made the vision a reality. Google is putting its energy behind the project, and is building a new campus in Kitchener. The new Google office will include offices for thousands of employees, as well as the first accelerator for startups in Canada.

Google doesn’t abandon the corporate campus, though. Rather, it is opening innovation hubs in cities around the world, where it can tap into tech-oriented ecosystems, deep pools of skilled workers, and distinct regional specializations. Campus London, for example, is an innovation hub in the Silicon Roundabout neighborhood in London. In one year, it has attracted over $56 million in funding. Google isn’t the only tech company looking to expand.

The Google parent company, Alphabet, has already undertaken many challenges. They have mapped most of the planet, sparked the development of driverless cars, and created a network of high-altitude balloons to provide broadband service to remote areas. Now, they are trying to re-invent the way we live in cities. What’s next? The future of cities is in their hands, but it’s not yet clear what the company will do with it.