What is Google Textiles and Its Innovation?

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Google is reimagining the way we produce clothing and footwear by integrating digital interactivity and connectivity into apparel. With this technology, you can wear clothes that have interactive features, like Google Assistant, without having to touch them. These new apparel pieces are the first of their kind, and lay the foundation for interactive connected clothing of the future. Learn more about Google Textiles and its innovation. This article provides an overview of the company’s new technology and how it’s changing the world.

One of the first examples of Google-made connected garments is the smart denim jacket. This is the first-ever full-scale smart garment system, using thin conductive metal alloys and natural fibers to make the jackets. Another example is Samsung’s Smart Suit, which has hidden sensors and gesture-controlled app-connected cufflinks. A similar concept is being developed by Apple and Google.