What is Google Nest? Innovation For Your Home

what is google Nest innovation

What is Google Nest? Previously known as Google Home, this smart thermostat offers many benefits, including voice commands, sleep tracking, and automated morning or evening schedules. Nest gadgets are available now. Learn more about this innovation here. You can purchase a Nest thermostat for your home, too! Here are a few ways to use Nest in your home:

Google bought Nest in 2013, and while it is still figuring out the best way to develop its products, the company has many advantages over its competitors. The company had the right mix of talent, experience, and financials, and was able to lead the smart home industry for a time. After it was acquired by Google, Nest began to expand its offerings to include hardware, software, and services. Consumers loved Nest, and the company expanded its market share rapidly.

The Nest IQ camera is the latest addition to the Nest family. Similar to the Nest Cam Outdoor, the Nest Cam IQ is a new model. Like the Nest Cam Outdoor, it comes with updated specs and makes a clean break from Dropcam. It’s available for $299. The Nest Cam IQ was released in 2017.

The Nest team has had a long road to get to where it is today. Throughout its growth, Nest has had its fair share of setbacks and is now facing stiff competition in the smart home sector. Its biggest rival is Amazon, who captures consumer data through its products and designs predictive solutions for customers. The Nest ecosystem is a great place for startups, and Google can learn a lot from the company’s success.