What is Google Industrial Symbiosis?

what is google Industrial symbiosis innovation

Google has published a guide on industrial symbiosis, which encourages collaboration between different industries. The company’s example focuses on waste from forestry, and it encourages companies to share and reuse materials. The guide will also show the benefits of such a collaboration. Read on to discover more. For your information, the Google Industrial symbiosis guide can be found here.

The term “industrial symbiosis” refers to a strategic approach to resource efficiency and business development. This approach is often referred to as “waste to resource innovation.” Unlike other forms of collaboration, industrial symbiosis involves other actors, such as governments, technology providers, and network development. The goal is to keep valuable resources in productive use for as long as possible. In addition to promoting resource efficiency, industrial symbiosis also improves competitiveness.

There are three types of industrial symbiosis: government-planned, facilitated, and self-organized. Governments plan NISP, and publicly-funded programmes identify resource partners for companies. Governments act as network brokers, managing connections between companies. The government helps companies form new alliances, but the research on network brokerage is still in its infancy. Despite the potential benefits of symbiotic collaborations, there are still many questions to be answered.