What is Google Classroom? Innovation in Education

what is google Classroom innovation

In a hybrid or online classroom setting, what is Google Classroom? is a tool that helps teachers educate their students in any venue. Teachers can post assignments, documents, and other information for students to view and work on. Then, students receive notifications via email of the task. Teachers can even line up assignments ahead of time, schedule them to go out at a particular time, and send them to their students. This allows teachers to plan their lessons ahead of time and to be more flexible with their time.

Unlike most classroom apps, Google Classroom is free and simple to use. Teachers can also benefit from it as a way to gather feedback from students on professional development. Curriculum coaches can post videos of model lessons and collect student feedback. The benefits of this type of collaboration are numerous, and the potential for growth is endless. Google Classroom can help educators meet the demands of the 21st century. It can also help school administrators manage and track the progress of their students.

Another innovative feature of Google Classroom is that it can be accessed from any device with a web browser. It is compatible with any device with a web browser and can be accessed from an iPad or Mac, and works on PCs and Chromebooks. In addition, it can work offline and upload when a connection is found. This flexibility makes it a good tool for schools and students. Aside from being free, Google Classroom also supports an endless number of external edtech tools that can be integrated into the platform.