Mass Media Innovation – What is Google Mass Media?

If you have ever wondered what Google is, it’s an online search engine. While this might sound like a strange combination, it actually describes a growing trend in the world of media. More, big players in the field of media are responding to the changing landscape of modern media by utilizing innovative new technologies. One such company, Google, earns more than $50 billion in revenue every year through mobile devices. By leveraging new technologies to create content and services, it’s becoming a global player.

With ad revenue that matches all print media outlets in the world and more than a trillion users, Google and Facebook are becoming major players in the news industry. With their massive audience and increasing influence over the world, the two companies are increasingly shaping the future of news. This is a challenge for major news organizations, which are trying to limit their powers so that they can maintain the integrity of traditional journalism and loosen their grip on the global ad market.