Is There Such a Thing As Coitus?


If you’ve ever wondered, “Is there such a thing as coitus?” then you’re not alone. Many couples wonder, “Do I really need to undergo sexual intercourse in order to become pregnant?”. However, there are several factors to consider before undergoing sex, including your age, the health of your partner, and other factors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these. Listed below are some common misconceptions about coitus and how it works.

Coitus is a term for sexual union in both the male and female sexes. The word comes from the Latin word coire, a past participle of the verb itus. Coire is derived from the PIE root *ei-, meaning “to go.” It is used in a wide variety of cultures, but it is not appropriate for everyone. There are a variety of reasons for its inappropriate use.

Rear-entry coitus, otherwise known as coitus in retro, has roots in Christian thought, which associated it with bestiality. Since then, this sexual function has been compared to animal themes in many cultures. Western English-speaking nations have referred to it as “doggy style”; Middle Eastern Arabic-speaking countries have compared it to “the fashion of a bull.” The Chinese have dubbed it the “Leaping Tiger.” The Kama sutra titles a number of variations on rear-entry coitus as the “congress of a cow”.