What is Google’s Next Step in the Electric Power Industry?

what is google Electric power industry innovation

What is Google’s next step in the power industry? Google has already invested $1 billion in environmentally-friendly energy power projects around the world, including the Shepherds Flat wind farm in Oregon and a solar photovoltaic power plant in Germany. This gives the company invaluable experience in the power industry, and prepares it to innovate in this space. Now, Google is considering a full-scale entry into the market, but what exactly will it do in that sector?

To make this happen, Google is creating software and hardware tools that will manage power lines. Google’s Energy Access team is led by Arun Majumdar, a former Department of Energy official who pushed for innovative products in this field. Craig Barratt oversees infrastructure and Internet access at Google. With the help of the Google Cloud, power companies will be able to use this innovative technology to better serve their customers.

Digitalization is one of the key drivers of electric power industry transformation. As the power grid becomes more digital and customers have different expectations, new technologies are being developed to meet these demands. By using artificial intelligence (AI) modules in equipment, power companies can monitor the health of power lines remotely and save money on labor costs. Google’s Smart Grid is just one example of this. As an early electric power player, Huawei has already incorporated AI modules into its equipment.