Why Is Abortion Wrong?

Proponents of life say that embryos and children are human beings with moral status equal to adult human beings. They argue that the embryos lack self-consciousness and thus should be treated equally to humans. This argument makes sense because they lack the faculties of conscious awareness. The pro-life argument also points out the similarity between embryos and nonhuman animals. Most people do not recognize an animal as having any right to life.

A woman may want to abort her child due to financial and social circumstances. This woman may not have access to adequate child care or does not have the means to provide a loving life for a child. In such a situation, the community should try to help the woman. It should offer child care in special homes or find another family to take in the child. A woman should consider all available options, including abortion, before making a decision.

Proponents of life-rights argue that abortion can discourage other adaptations that could make American life more inclusive. For example, abortion may discourage corporate America from making other accommodations for women, like allowing them to work part-time or providing better pay for them. This is problematic, as corporations can choose to treat abortion as the default option instead of other measures, like flexible schedules or better pay for part-time work. However, both sides are right to their beliefs.