What is Google Belgium? Innovation?

what is google Belgium innovation

What is Google Belgium? innovation? Google is expanding its operations in Europe. The company is investing nearly a billion euros in Belgium, creating over 1,200 jobs. The company has also erected solar panels on the site of its third data center. Since 2010, Google has invested nearly a billion euros in the country. The latest investment will add an additional data center in Saint-Ghislain. The company hopes to have the new facility operational by the end of 2019.

A recent report by Copenhagen Economics shows the economic impact of Google’s investment in Mons, Belgium. The researchers determined that the company’s presence in Mons transformed the city from an industrial area into a digital technology zone. The city is now an innovation hub, where future technology successes are born. The local government is also delighted. During the last European Capital of Culture, Mons has been the site of a number of large tech companies.

Google’s new data centre in Saint-Ghislain, Belgium, is the company’s biggest investment in the country. It will house data from all of Google’s services in Europe and will employ 120 people. Google claims it is the world’s most energy-efficient facility. It invested EUR250 million in Saint-Ghislain in April 2007 and became operational in September 2010. The facility uses a sophisticated evaporative cooling system that draws grey water from an industrial canal nearby.