The Health Benefits of Cherries


Cherries can add a delicious and nutritious twist to your recipes. They are nutrient-packed, and experts recommend eating one cup of fresh or one-fourth cup of dried cherries each day. While cherries are delicious on their own, they can also be added to salads, yogurt, and cheese boards. You can also roast them and serve them on top of Greek yogurt. And, if you don’t have any cooking skills, you can add tart cherry juice to sparkling water for extra recovery benefits.

Fresh cherries are alkaline when they’re ripe, but acidic when they’re dried. While they’re perfectly edible and can be stored in your fridge for several days, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight. Heat will turn them mushy. In addition to keeping them out of the sun, keep cherries away from the counter. This way, they’ll last longer. If you don’t want to wash your cherries, they won’t turn bad too quickly.

One study shows that eating cherries may help treat gout, which is an inflammatory disease characterized by sudden and intense pain in joints. Although gout can be treated with medication, cherry consumption may reduce gout flares and lower uric acid levels. However, more research is necessary before we can make a firm recommendation. For now, the fruit can be eaten and drunk for healthy purposes. It’s also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants.