What is Google Quantum Computing?

what is google Quantum computing innovation

Despite the skepticism of some computer scientists and experts, Google’s latest quantum computing feat is still an important step towards commercializing the technology. The company has teamed up with NASA and other researchers to develop quantum computing systems. The paper details a mathematical method that checks the outputs of a quantum random-number generator. This technology is still relatively crude, and has limited practical uses, however.

In addition to the development of these technologies, Google is also investing in a research campus to support this research. In addition to an experimental lab, the campus will include chip fabrication facilities and a quantum-data center. The campus will also feature colorful stained-glass artwork and a board chaired by Alphabet’s chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt. During its first year, the campus was under construction, but the completion date was delayed due to a pandemic-related work restriction.

In 2016, Google physicists devised a problem that they believe is difficult enough to challenge existing quantum computers. They asked Sycamore to describe the likelihood of different outcomes using a computer with 53 qubits. It generated a 52-digit string of ones and zeros that Google claimed could be a million times more powerful than existing quantum computers. This breakthrough will make it possible for quantum computers to solve problems that would normally take years.

The team behind Google’s quantum computing project, led by Pedram Roushan and Charles Neill at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said the new machine was able to carry out a mathematical calculation ten times faster than the best classical supercomputer. The team also stated that the quantum supremacy proved that quantum computers are more efficient than regular computers. The team hopes to demonstrate this claim with a working quantum computer in a few years.