What is Google Urban Planning Software? Innovation For Developers and Planners

what is google Urban Planning Software innovation

If you are considering building an apartment complex in an urban area, you might be wondering: What is Google Urban Planning Software? This innovative tool combines machine learning, computational design, and data science to create a simulation that will help developers and planners develop an urban area. Using this software, developers and planners will be able to create a plan that will best meet the needs of their neighborhoods. In addition to facilitating the process of urban planning, this tool can help the developers decide which buildings are appropriate for the neighborhood.

In fact, Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google, is leading large-scale urban development in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, this project is unable to achieve its full potential due to the recession and public perception. Activists have called the project an “800-acre surveillance state.” This development, which was one of the few successes of Google’s Sidewalk division, has come to an end. It’s too bad, because urban experimentation is more important than ever.