What is Google Diamond?

what is google Diamond innovation

If you’re wondering what Google Diamond really is, this article is for you. The Double Diamond is a framework that encourages innovation by defining a challenge and encouraging different solutions. This process often involves co-designing the solution with diverse groups of people. The delivery phase involves testing various solutions to determine if they are viable and ultimately rejecting those that are not. Iteration and reflection are two of the most important parts of the Diamond process.

When you’re working with corporate innovators, it’s important to understand that strategy is not innovation without development. While strategy drives innovation, development needs the critical feedback of innovation. In a typical company, development often lacks the feedback that is crucial for strategy. Google Diamond is a framework that enables development and strategy to go hand-in-hand. For example, a fashion company has operations in 40 countries. They implemented the framework in 2018, creating a new venture with C-level support and a newly-created independent team. As a result, the number of internal advocates increased from 30 to 250.

The portal was originally designed to include assessment and career development resources hosted by participating institutions. Contributors were provided with an agreement explaining their rights and permissions for their materials. DIAMOND users can view the profile of each resource and follow a link to the original host institution’s website. They can also contact individual contributors directly to request access to their materials. Most submissions are at the fundamental learning level. If you’re thinking about developing a career in healthcare, DIAMOND can help you achieve that.