What is Google Board of Innovation?

what is google Board innovation

What is Google’s new innovation board? As a former chief executive of Google, Eric Schmidt is a strong advocate of tech and innovation in the military. He is also a chairman of Google’s Alphabet, and his company’s Defense Innovation Board serves as a conduit between the Pentagon and Silicon Valley. Interestingly, Marcuse has a history of advising the Pentagon. As executive director of the Defense Innovation Board, he also organizes the board’s meetings and recommendations. The Board is comprised of academics and technology executives who have a common interest in technology and innovation. Afterwards, Marcuse becomes the head of Google’s strategy and innovation for the global public sector.

While the Board is a new initiative, its creation has been controversial. In the past, criticisms of the initiative’s secrecy have led to a pushback from Silicon Valley. In recent years, Silicon Valley has strained relationships with the federal government following the release of Edward Snowden’s leaks of sweeping government surveillance programs. Moreover, the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone is in a custody battle between Apple and the FBI.

At Google, execution is crucial. Demos, proof-of-concepts, and getting people excited about new ideas are the currency of innovation. Then, iterate quickly and test your ideas with your team. You may be surprised by the results. And remember that failure is not the end of the world. Innovation is a process that requires failure, but it is often the source of improvement. If you have a mission to help the world, Google has a mission worth fighting for. And the company’s products and services impact millions of people globally, and that gives it a sense of useful enterprise.