E-Commerce WyevaleGardenCentres Web Site

Ecommerce WyevaleGardenCentres web site

The largest garden centre retailer in the UK has launched its own e-commerce web site. It was a trial for members of their Garden Club but the site is now fully transactional, allowing customers to browse thousands of top-selling products and buy them directly from their homes. Horticulture Week was the perfect time to trial the new e-commerce site and give it a try.

The E-commerce WyevaleGardenCcentres web site is the perfect vehicle for selling a wide range of high-quality garden products. Its ‘Advice and Inspiration’ section includes over 130 articles and 50 videos with expert gardening advice, helping even the most green-fingered gardeners. The web site will be mobile-optimised for ease of use and navigation, so users will be able to buy the products they want, when and where they want them.

Customers can find their nearest garden centre using a store locator on the web site. This helps consumers find the closest garden centre without having to make a trip to the centre. Alternatively, customers can use the website to hire tools. The Gardening Club has over 120 garden centres across the UK and a range of over 2,000 products for the home and garden. By incorporating an online store finder, WyevaleGardenCentres web site can increase sales for a specialist garden store.