E-Commerce Rue Du Commerce Web Site

Ecommerce Rue du Commerce web site

An E-commerce Rue du Commerce web site offers French customers the chance to shop for high-tech equipment and electronic gadgets from the comfort of their homes. The French-based online retailer offers more than 3 million items from more than 3,000 brands and is one of the leading providers of consumer electronics in France. In addition to being a popular destination for online shopping, Rue du Commerce is also a source of exclusive marketing services for merchants, offering a free loyalty program for merchants and structured product feeds.

The web site is owned by Carrefour, a leading French supermarket chain. Carrefour had originally planned to acquire Rue du Commerce and replace it with its own online business, but ShopInvest (which owns three Swiss sites) declined the deal. The French giant is expected to sell the Rue du Commerce site sometime in 2020. Until then, the Rue du Commerce web site will continue to serve customers in the French market.