Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

can dogs eat watermelon

Watermelon is a tasty treat for your dog, but you should never give it its seeds. These are not edible, and can cause blockage of the digestive tract. You should always peel the rind before feeding it to your dog. Watermelon seeds are not toxic, but too many can cause intestinal blockage. This risk is higher in small dogs. Nevertheless, if you want your dog to enjoy the same delicacy as you, buy watermelon seeds that are seedless.

Although watermelon is very nutritious for dogs, it should be offered slowly and without seeds. Smaller dogs are more susceptible to blockage because of their large seeds. To prevent these problems, make sure you clean all seeds from the rind before feeding it to your dog. After your dog eats watermelon, you should wait 24 hours to see if he or she shows any signs of intestinal blockage. If the symptoms do not appear, freeze the melon for later feeding.

To avoid causing blockages, use seedless varieties of watermelon. While not as nutritious as whole watermelon, fruit jerky is a great chewy treat. You can also freeze chunks of watermelon and offer them to your dog. Then, you can freeze them to train your dog. You can also freeze chunks of watermelon and give them bite-sized cubes. When you give your dog a slice of watermelon, you must make sure that you remove the seeds and rind and feed them in moderation.