Why Do We Burp?

why do we burp

Did you ever wonder why we burp? Basically, burping is the body’s way of letting excess air escape. The extra air can either be in the form of stomach gases or swallowed air that never made it to the stomach. There are a couple of different causes, but the most common one is that we swallow air that never made it to our stomach. If you’ve ever wondered why you burp, keep reading to find out more about this common occurrence.

Burping is a natural way to relieve an upset stomach. However, it’s also a sign of a medical problem. Burping is a buildup of pressure in the digestive tract that can be caused by certain foods. When a food item is digested, it travels through the esophagus, where it breaks down and releases the gas. When you burp, the air is pushed back up through the esophagus, which is the tube that travels food from the mouth to the stomach.

While there are several reasons why we burp, a common one is a faulty esophageal sphincter. If it’s not functioning properly, the stomach cannot absorb the larger amounts of food, liquid, and air that it needs. Chronic dyspepsia is a common symptom of this disease. People with dyspepsia or reflux often burp more than usual because the lower esophageal sphincter is not working properly. This results in regurgitation.