What is the Brand Nordea?

what is the brand Nordea

If you are wondering what the heck is Nordea, it is a major bank in the Nordic countries. It was created in 2000 when 49 smaller banks merged to form the bank. Landor Associates, a Scandinavian brand agency, designed the bank’s logo. The logo originally featured a stylised sail. After the merger, the bank changed its name and created a new logo. The new logo features a similar nautical theme as the old one, which helped it become the company it is today.

While the company continues to maintain the national brands of its subsidiaries, it also has a pan-Scandinavian brand. This explains the rebranding of Unibank’s asset management unit to Nordea Securities. Analysts predicted that the merger would trigger a wave of cross-border banking mergers, putting Nordea in prime position to lead the world banking market in the new century.

The company traces its roots back to a Danish bank named Sparekassen for Kjobenhavn og Omegn. A number of banks have become part of the group, including Christiana Bank and Unibank. The name Nordea was adopted to reflect the bank’s global ambitions, and its ties to the Scandinavian banking industry. The name Nordea is a combination of the words “nordic ideas” and “idea.” The bank is now traded on the Oslo, Helsinki, and Stockholm stock exchanges.