What is the Brand Maxar Technologies?

what is the brand Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of space and earth intelligence solutions and services. The company operates through two segments – Earth imagery and geospatial data from third-party providers; and geospatial applications and services. Maxar serves government agencies, enterprise customers, and international organizations. The company’s product portfolio covers the entire range of geospatial intelligence and applications, from data acquisition to geospatial software.

With satellites, sensors, and data collection, Maxar helps governments and commercial organizations stay connected and track the progress of war. Its services include the production and installation of communications equipment, satellites, and Earth imagery. The company also provides services for satellite and geospatial data analysis and visualization, as well as specialized software and hardware for satellite operations. The brand has also partnered with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and is currently working on a Defense Innovation Unit contract.

Maxar Technologies is a space technology company headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. It provides communication and earth observation satellites, as well as geospatial data, radar, and on-orbit servicing. Its products are used to provide global broadband communications, improve public safety, and help protect and monitor our planet. Maxar has more than six thousand employees in 21 locations and trades on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges.